1. You are not being a bitch by telling someone ‘No’.

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  2. 20 April 2014

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    Bob’s Burgers - BURGER OF THE DAY

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  5. Late night Taco Bell trip with Chelsee and Vi (emptinesssurroundsme)

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    youre so hot i want to like tackle real life things with you and be really productive and work on handling my psychological issues so as to better our future

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  10. Because of Beyonce many young women are talking about feminism and hopefully young men because she has such a following. I have had young people in Nigeria who probably would have never heard of my TED talk without Beyonce and who are now talking about feminism.


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    Obsessed with the blog Famous Beyonce Fans

    -anna f

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  13. Does my name pass through your mind when it’s 3 am and you’re wide awake?

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  14. Be brave enough to break your own heart.

    — Cheryl Strayed, "Dear Sugar" (10 Feb 2011)

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